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Who We Are

Rooted in proud tradition, Randolph County has been planting seeds for a powerful future through a partnership between Randolph County United, The Community Foundation of Randolph County, Ball State University’s Indiana Communities Institute, and YOU, our communities. Cultivating Community is an approach to tackling challenges and pursuing opportunities. It is a mindset and model that builds on past success while enabling innovative ways to grow the place we call home.

What We Do

Provide guidance and support so that YOU can make a difference in our community.

Randolph County, Indiana is already a great place to live, and we have the opportunity to make it even better!

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This initiative is only possible with community engagement and support! This is a partnership, a movement — and we believe every Randolph County resident has something to contribute. To grow our county and our homes we must all come together — first, to plant the seeds; second, to water and tend to them; third, to watch them sprout and grow; and fourth, to nurture them to make sure they continue to grow and thrive!

Explore Our Intiatives:

Housing and Blight

Demand exists for new middle-income housing, but there is also a high inventory of aging housing that people may not be willing to renovate in the current market. Younger people may desire more rental or lower-cost options. Reduce absentee ownership; repair or remove blighted properties

The Drug Epidemic

Shift perception: The crisis is a public health issue, not an enforcement issue. Offset negative factors by building community—institutionally, socially, physically, etc.

Broadband Infrastructure

Work through the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) to access resources through the Next Level Connections Broadband Grant Program. Engage in and continue purposeful discussions with the existing local broadband providers.


Reaching optimal enrollment of 2,000 students can come from either residential growth or school consolidation. Community schools play an integral role in local identity and pride; create a community focal point by repurposing empty school buildings.

Quality of Life

Map out the social, community, and physical assets that currently exist or can be developed. Move from discussions about strengths and assets into actual implementation; enable residents to determine what to implement and how.

Action Group Highlights

(as of September 2023)

Quality of Life

  • The committee created a parks brochure that promotes all of Randolph County’s parks
  • Created a mascot for Randolph County parks, Randy Raccoon
  • Park signs have been designed and are in the process of being created: every park will have at least one sign (featuring Randy Raccoon)


  • The committee is working to obtain MOAs from property owners along the proposed trail from the Cardinal Greenway to Modoc.


  • The Conservation Law Center tried to help the committee deem the White River navigable in Randolph County, but legally there are no feasible options as of now.
  • The committee will be bringing an Indiana Humanities Unearthed Speaker to Randolph County to talk about waterways in early 2024.


  • Based on the Housing Committee’s recommendation, the County entered into an agreement with the Housing Resource Hub.


  • The committee’s internship program is entering its second year, with 4 local businesses participating this year.
  • The next project will be producing informative videos of various career opportunities for youth in our county. This involves partnerships with local businesses, schools, and Kiss TV

Childcare Coalition

  • The coalition continues to focus on facilitating training opportunities for childcare facilities.

Business Attraction & Retention

  • Hosts quarterly Coffee & Conversations to present on different professional and personal growth topics
  • A new project for 2023is to host business retention interviews with local businesses


  • The committee was initially planning to place a tower, but has chosen not to as it is not cost effective for the county
  • The committee has been named the Broadband Ready point of contact for Randolph County

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