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Quality of Life

Getting a solid handle on the QOL elements that already exist in Randolph County is a good starting point. This would include social, community, and physical assets that are currently in place, existing part of a development plan, and/or that can be further developed. Asset mapping is one way to approach this task. Move from discussions about strengths and assets to actual implementation of QOL projects. Keep in mind your community is the expert. People know what they want, have good ideas about how to get it done, and can be utilized to accomplish the job. The best laid plans that don’t actually address the lived experiences of residents will never be successful. Small changes can make a big difference. This is particularly true in Randolph County’s case, where aesthetics and blight are of particular concern. Even if the money is not currently available for a major rehaul of blighted homes, there are innumerable smaller projects that can mitigate some of the damage caused by those homes. Small projects often have an advantage in that they can involve many people – and in the process build community. A flower-planting campaign is an example of this.

Randolph County Childcare Coalition

Through our partnership with the Community Foundation of Randolph County and our work with Cultivating Community, we have founded a Childcare Coalition. The goal of our coalition is to connect and provide all our childcare providers with resources, so they can continue serving our community with a strong network of support. We also want to serve Randolph County families by connecting them with resources and sharing what our childcares are doing to help spread the word about Randolph County’s excellent childcare options.

Do you need help finding childcare in Randolph County? If so, contact Jennifer Lee at Chances and Services for Youth, 812-231-8916. Chances And Youth Services for Youth is an organization that helps connect families with childcares across Indiana. Learn more: http://casyonline.org/

Randolph County Indiana Childcare Options

Randolph County YMCA Beynon Childcare Center
1521 East Washington Street Winchester, IN 47394

Randolph County YMCA Union City Childcare Center
860 West Chestnut Street Union City, IN 47390

Kidz Town Academy-Registered Ministry
425 S Main St, Winchester, IN 47394
(765) 595-8168

Little Bear Home Daycare
Winchester, IN 47394

You can also visit https://www.in.gov/fssa/childcarefinder/ to search Indiana’s licensed and registered childcare database. You may also review licensing standards and state reviews for any registered childcare in Indiana.


Exciting things are happening in Randolph County!

There is always something fun to do in Randolph County – from the parks found here in this Directory, to the events happening at our parks and in our community too!

We are excited about the work being done to bring a kayak launch to our area and a splash pad too! Be on the lookout for those details as their planning committees work diligently to bring those projects to life!

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