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The Cultivating Community Engagement Campaign

About This Project

In late 2018, the leadership of the Randolph County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC) approached the Indiana Communities Institute (ICI) of Ball State University to assist them in developing a new, innovative approach to community and economic development. As in many rural counties through out the country, efforts in Randolph County to attract businesses over the years have not been particularly successful, and the RCEDC realized that strategic investments in building capacity in different areas of the community may be the more productive approach to community economic development.

Project Objectives

Educate the community on the importance of building community capacity. Understand the concerns and priorities of Randolph County’s citizens through information gathering activities throughout the county. Perform data analysis relative to the findings. Communicate recommendations relative to the data and findings. Develop a decision framework using the Comprehensive Community Wealth Framework


Cultivating Community: A New Approach to Growing Home.

Rooted in a proud tradition, Randolph County is planting seeds for a powerful future. Cultivating Community is a new approach to tackling challenges and pursuing opportunities. It is a mindset and model that builds on past success while enabling innovative ways to grow the place we call home.

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